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Crushers Baseball

The Danville Baseball Academy started their travel ball teams over 10 years ago. The Crushers are the longest standing youth club team in the Tri Valley. We are proud of the consistency the program has and the following we have garnered. 

The goal of Crushers baseball is to develop young baseball players into fine young boys and girls and quality ball players. The idea of reps, training, coaching, development, play time, field time, cage time, playing different positions, no parental influence, set schedules, and longevity is what attracts new families to the Crushers each year.

All teams are coached by either a coach who has played in college or played in the minor leagues. We do not have any dads coaching the teams.  We teach the game they way it should be played. We don’t have our 3b holding runners on, we don’t bunt when we are up by 7 runs to get to the slaughter rule, we don’t steal when we are ahead by more than 8, etc. 

If you are looking for a program that wants to win at all costs, and travels all around the United States in search of glory, this is not the program for you. We are development first, the wins will come, but we want to get the kids ready to play high school baseball and beyond. The system works, and it is a proven system. Players and families that stay in our program for 3-4 years see the improvements and development of their players and the success in making them high school ready.

Age Level Information

Here is some more general information about the Fall and Spring programs:


-Starts around the second week of September and goes through the second week of November – usually an 8 week season 
-We practice 1x one week and 2x the next, alternating throughout the fall
-Games on Sundays ( for less conflicts with soccer/football ) and 2 tournaments 
-Everyone plays and gets a chance to play new positions so we can evaluate them for the spring season
-Batting order is random so kids get the same at bats as each other  
-Very relaxed with attendance during the Fall season 


-Starts around mid January and goes through end of June or beginning of July depending the tournament schedules 
-Practice 2x a week every week 
-Games 3 of 4 weekends a month on Saturday and Sunday 
-Play a mix of 680 Diablo League games and tournaments 
-Looking at 45-55 games throughout the year 
-We take major holidays off ( Presidents Day, Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Day) 
-February- Mid April positions and batting orders will move around so the coaches get to know who can do what 
-Starting end of April positions will be solidified and a constant batting order will be apparent 
-If the best players has 150 at bats, the worst player will have 130 at bats